Tuesday, August 25, 2009


2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

I will be playing on level "Getting My Heart Rate Up" Reading 1-5 more books than 2011.

Good luck to me!!

Read, Remember, Reccomend Challenge!

The Quest: Reading as many books from the RRR lists as possible.


NE2N – Not Even to Newbery – 5 books
CYA – Covering Your Assigments – 10 books
LOL – Literature Over Love – 20 books
BFF – Book Fiend Forever – 30 books

Can I do it?: Hell yeah! (Hopefully)

Current Status:

-Not yet started-

Time Frame: April 1st 2010-April 1st 2011

Want to join? Click HERE!

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The Book Vixen said...

God luck with your goals and thanks for participating!